Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quand je vous aimerai? (edited from Friendster, 21 Jul 2006)

I just downloaded Carmen on a random whim, and while reading the story of Carmen on Wikipedia I couldn't help but think of all those poor devils, myself included, who have been lain low by love unrequited.

How many decent guys have I known who fell for some rare and radiant girl, only to know heartbreak? Blinded by delusions of "the One", driven by high and honourable ideals, they try their very hardest to win her heart, only to have her drive an ice cold dagger through their unsuspecting chests.

Sometimes, I think it wouldn't have been so bad if the girl just outright hated the guy. What *really* pisses me off is when a perfectly decent guy is made to suffer by her indecision, by her pussyfooting around the issue, by her inability to just be honest to herself and decide what she wants. They think they're being diplomatic. They think they're gaining the best of both worlds. In truth they hide their weakness and cowardice behind sweet smiles and make up. They build layer upon layer of lies, like a house of cards, then cry when it inevitably comes tumbling down. They think they're being kind, when in fact they inflict the very worst cruelty possible.

For the record, I'm not bitter at the time of writing. Single, yes, but I'm pretty sure I'm not bitter.

I suppose at this point, in the interests of fairness to the sexes, guys are guilty of at least as much silliness. That having been said, there's a certain predictability to the sins of the male species. It's veeeery simple: The guy wants NOOKIE! He may cheat and lie and beg and write AWFUL poetry and subject himself to all manner of stupidity but the motivation remains the same - Guys want nookie. Put it down to the tyranny of the genes and plain simple hormonal influences, I suppose. It's pathetic, but at least it's easy to understand.

So, I'm-a gonna close this entry with a quote from a really cool dude, Samuel Johnson, which still rings very true indeed:

"Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise."

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