Friday, April 18, 2008

w00t! First post!

Well, I finally got round to getting a proper bloggy blog. Friendster just wasn't cutting it, though I've got a heap of material there that I'd like to salvage at some point.

So why Mirror? I just like the concept. Of a mirror. It reflects whatever you put in front of it. It is defined by the fact that it reflects, and as such, it is defined by whatever you put in front of it. If it didn't reflect, it would just be a piece of glass. Because it reflects, it's a mirror and it's in the reflection that we find it's use. Popping pimples, plucking white hairs, nipping out blackheads, shaving, putting on your contacts and all the other disgusting things we do to make ourselves pretty. It works on more levels than that, to be sure...

Ever stared at yourself really hard in the mirror? I mean really, really looked? Examining the lines on your face and shape of your nose and the curve of your lips and, if you're an auditor, the bags under your eyes? Just standing there and looking and thinking all sorts of things:

"I haven't smiled enough."
"I'm getting old." (The fuck you are! Getting old??? You ARE old! Deal with it!)
"I like that eye better."
"Damn, I need to do more sit-ups." (This one gets forgotten pretty quick...)
"zomg wtf is that thing on my cheek???"

You get the idea. And that's the purpose of this blog. Get the words out from the chaotic tangle of neurons betwixt my ears and take a good look at the memes that make me me, so to speak.

Anyways, for those reading this who don't already know, I decided a while ago to devote this life to pondering the human condition and, maybe, unravelling some of the problems. Suffice it to say that this blog will reflect my musings, maybe help me organise myself, hopefully inspire me and if I'm really, really lucky, tell other people reading this a little something about themselves.

I find a lot of people in this world go about their lives with barely any concept of what they're about. Caught up in a world of shallow-minded consumerism, seduced by naive platitudes, blinded by egotistic self-righteousness or just plain delusional, a lot of people forget what it means to be human, on this Earth, sharing a planet with something over 6 billion humans, who all have their tales to tell and lives to live.

So this is the mirror, showing us what we've always been all along, but just didn't take time out to look close enough. My next few posts will mostly be me rescuing material from my previous blog on Friendster before I take it down. Between this and Facebook, I really don't think I've any need for Friendster anymore.

And that's it from me for now. Til the next post....

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