Thursday, January 1, 2009

The 21st year of Heisei!

... I think. I'm not actually sure if it starts on January 1st. Anyway, Happy New Year to all. Spaceship Earth has gone round the sun once more and we still haven't blown ourselves up and I'm still alive and well enough to be wasting my time writing this blog and you're obviously in sufficiently good health to be wasting your time reading it. Pats on the back all round and thanks for being here.

Anyhoo, I figured now's as good a time as any (though I be recovering from 1 glass too much sangria) to do the New Year's Resolution thing. This blog didn't exist this time last year, so this'll be the first time I'm doing this. I suppose on 1 Jan 2010, I'll rummage around for this post and see how many I've kept. So, here we go:

1. Return to kendo, and don't stop until I'm qualified to wield 2 swords at once. This will take many years...

2. Go to Japan. (Will have to think a bit about coming back.)

3. Finish writing my 1st book.

4. Get back that good physicsy stuff, the good stuff that I was supposed to have with my Physics, MSci, before 3 years in an accounting firm rotted my brain.

5. Teach myself a programming language.

6. Get my chubby arse below 83 kg again.

7. Get good enough at Japanese until I don't need the subtitles when watching NHK.

Right. 7 little things. 365 days to make it happen. Except for #1, but hell, taking the first step's a good start. SO! Best foot forward, dust off the armour, oil the swords, books in hand and into the future, comrades! And here, for no reason at all, is Kotatsuneko:

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