Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's all relative...

Britain's Daily Mail ran a story on this Belgian lass who, following a misunderstanding at a tattoo parlour, ended up with 56 wee stars on her face:

Apparently, she tried to tell the guy, a Romanian, she only wanted 3 little ones, under her left eye. She fell asleep during the procedure, the artist just kept going and when she woke up, shock, shock, horror, horror. Naturally, the words "scarred for life" popped up and she's trying to sue the guy. And I thought the constellation adorning half her face was pretty fearsome, too, up until I saw a pic of the tattoo artist himself:

Yep. Now 56 stars doesn't quite look all that bad, eh? I for one find it difficult to believe that one could possibly fall asleep when someone's etching designs into your face with a sharp, noisy object, but then again, I've never been tattoo'd before, so what would I know, eh? To his credit, the tattoo artist has offered to pay to have half those stars zapped away by lasers.

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