Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brother Noctis! Noooo!

Knew I shouldn't have put him in the same box as the Broodlord mini - he's lost his pointy finger!
Well, sod it. I suppose now that device on his power glove is better justified. Brother Noctis, Squad Gideon's designated pointer. Anyways, since I'm here, here's a preview of the next post on painting Space Hulk, courtesy of Brother Deino:
Almost there! Done line highlights on the armour and cloth, filled in the gems and boney skulls and drybrushed the crux on the shoulder. Will explain all this in good time. All that's left is wee details, like text* on the parchments, touching up the metal bits to give 'em some more shine, perhaps some line highlights on the crux, clean up the base and, horror of horrors, the EYES. It takes some skills to do eyes that really stand out (for the right reasons). Thing about eyes on these minis is since they're human shaped, our own eyes will be instantly drawn towards the face, so the miniscule droplets of paint that adorn the eyes can massively enhance a mini or just make it look like a well-dressed lunatic. Where's some diazepam when you need it...

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