Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Painting Space Hulk, Part 4

Hokay, here's what I've managed to do with Squad Lorenzo:

Sergeant Lorenzo

Brother Deino

Brother Zael

Brother Goriel

Brother Valencio

Random trivia: The background they were photographed against is in fact the back of the Missions & Background book of the 1st edition Space Hulk. Squad Lorenzo is presently residing in the safety of a tough cardboard box, away from the tender mercies of Haruka and Souseki...
Found this under my chair. No, I don't like Dark Eldar, either. I'm really hoping I don't find the head in the litter box anytime soon.

So I'm rather chuffed. It's a long way from the dizzy heights of 'Eavy Metal standard, but whatever way you look at it, this...

... is way, way prettier to look at than this:

Now, the thing about the Stealers is that there's 22 of them. As it is, I'm doing the work of 5 'Eavy Metal artists taking on all these minis, so I decided from the outset that the Stealers were going to have to be kept simple. As such, I've decided to skip out on shading and just go straight to line highlights for the carapace and drybrushing the fleshy bits. And, as I mentioned earlier, bony claws, not black ones. The results so far:

Haha! Ultramarines suck! Waitaminute, where's my other arm?

I love the new Stealers. To be sure, the old ones were pretty decent, especially when contrasted against the epic fail of 1st ed plastic Terminators. Thing was, you got 20 something Stealers all with the same pose. That having been said, I do think they might have gone a bit over the top with some of the new Stealers bringing their own real estate. Observe...I get the impression that somewhere along the line, they simply stopped caring about the size of the squares on the Space Hulk board.

Anyway, that more or less concludes this series on painting Space Hulk. Pics will be put up of other minis, as and when they're completed. I'm hoping to at least match or surpass Squad Lorenzo's standard when I do Squad Gideon and Librarian Calistarius.

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