Friday, September 19, 2008

No. Lower. Limit.

After posting about a certain diabolical perversion of Mickey Mouse*, I was led to doubt somewhat the accuracy of the translated subtitles. When you stand as an explicitly anti-religious infidel regularly visiting the RDF forums you quickly become aware of a lot of religiously inspired silliness, and as such it's quite easy to fall into the trap of dismissing things as religious stupidity without examining it closely enough. Given the sheer, mind-blowing insanity of the content we were seeing on the previous two clips, I wondered for a moment if it was actually humanly possible to be that stupid.

For instance, as Mike mentioned, in its day, Islam would have been a memetically useful vehicle to get large numbers of people to practice a measure of hygiene regarding vermin, appealing to the adherent's sense of disgust to further drive the message home. But then the video beggars the question: How in blazes did that narrow-minded old goit manage to reach that age and never figure out that animated cartoon mice don't quite fit in the same category as plague-bearing rodents? And, apart from his truly appalling use of the English language, how did I know that the translations of what that bloke in the mouse suit was saying was accurate?

So, I poked around Memri TV's site a bit, and, though I'm very much accustomed to abyssmally dire feats of head-up-arse from Christians, Memri TV came as quite a shock to me. The videos that have turned up on my blog thus far are but the teeny tiniest tip of an iceberg. Take this one:

I for one am very interested to hear what Armstrong would have to say about that. Baldy back there was spouting garbage of truly Hovindian proportions. Or how about this touching cartoon for the kiddies?

Ah, all the basic education you need... Dying is good! Killing is good! And doing both at once is best of all! And just for good luck, here's a happy little dance number:

Note how the happy little chappie on the right is simply bursting with enthusiasm. Here's a "debate" shown on Iraqi TV which, though it isn't quite Creation Vs Evolution, should strike a chord with scientifically inclined infidels everywhere. Embedding disabled by request, but to cut a long story short, the Earth is not a sphere, nor an oblate spheroid but it's turtles all the way down. Thus spake a myopic old git with absolute faith in the scientific accuracy of the Quran.

So there you have it. Lotsa Kent Hovinds in the world and what do they have in common? Religion. Simple as that. Allow the faith virus to spread, and you open the trapdoor to depths of stupidity where no man has gone before. That having been said, I suppose from the point of view of the cutthroat game of international politics, religion is fact a terribly useful way to intellectually cripple rival nations, but that's opening up a completely different can of worms now...

* Which I've done before, I think, but I can't be arsed to dig up that old post right now.

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