Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tyranny is fun!

Hokay, time for a break. Rench just brought this disturbingly addictive game to my attention:

I did play the sequel to this game. It was crap. But that's ok, this one rocks. Well, at the very least it appeals to my inner psychopathic tyrant. Gameplay is very simple. Click and hold with the mouse to grab a hapless villager, like so:

Drag and release to hurl the scruffy bugger high into the air, then let gravity do the rest. Then repeat as necessary...

Upon expiry, they'll drop some coins, which you can use between levels to buy stuff. Of course, abusing helpless hobos in the sandbox quickly loses it's appeal. What makes the game interesting is stomping a village proper, like so:

As you may have noticed, some of the villagers have gotten wise to the usual trick of chucking them skywards, and employ wings and parachutes and such to cheat you of your pleasure. Please note that throwing them down is also an option, though it takes a little practice to release them close enough to the ground that they can't use their wings or 'chutes. There's also the option of using spells, which you can buy in between levels:

See the Pacifist tab? Believe me, it's not much better. Anyhoo, the spells do indeed make life much easier. Especially when you come across jokers like this:

Yep, he's dressed as Superman. And of course he's a whole heap tougher than the average villager. The question is: Will he stand up to the diabolical Power Gauntlet of squishy death?

Nope. Cue evil laughter. There's plenty more to the game for the curious - more powerful spells, cheeky thieves, sword-swinging knights and all manner of smartasses cooking up some ingenious method or other to escape your oppression. Verily, there is a time and place to be a ruthless, sadistic tyrant bent on causing as much mindless violence and suffering as possible. This is it. Enjoy...

Oh, big tip: Make good use of the space bar when casting spells. It's much quicker than clicking on that tab in the lower left corner.

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