Saturday, October 18, 2008

Democracy means even these people can vote...

I suppose by now we've all seen the videos of Palin's atrocious interviews and her apparent difficulties with foreign affairs, economics, ethical behaviour and three-syllable words. So one may sensibly ask: Who in blazes is stupid enough to risk this brain-dead bimbo as president over Obama? Comrade Thunderf00t delivers:

I was particularly riled by that ignorant old bag at 0:23 whose best argument against Obama is to squawk, "He's not a Christian! This is a Christian nation!" Please, just do the world a favour and die. In all fairness, though, I could kinda believe in McCain about as much as one could believe in Obama, right up to the point he chose Palin as a running mate.

To comrades across the pond* who are still sane, good luck. To the rest (i.e. flag-waving, bible-quoting, God-bless-America Republicans), read a book, you ignorant bastards.

Btw, well done to Thunderf00t for his victory in the name of free speech!

* I suppose in my case, the pond would be a bit bigger.

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