Sunday, February 1, 2009

And the dragon comes in the NIIIIIGHT!!!

Man, why are Strong Bad's e-mails capped at 200? I wanna see him unleash another meme like Trogdor. Who or what is the Trogdor, you ask? Right, I tell you a tale of a meme.

It's started with Strong Bad's e-mails*, a once-weekly feature in which Strong Bad, a short dude dressed as a masked wrestler with unnaturally huge boxing gloves, would verbally abuse and mock anyone who wrote to him. This is more fun than it sounds. Then, along came this e-mail, where some bright spark asked him to draw a dragon, spawning Trogdor, with accompanying theme song, and eventually his own game. Since then, Trogdor's popped up all over the net, with miniatures:

...a Guitar Hero song:

... and his own Magic card, though I suspect this one may be shooped:

And of course, he wouldn't be complete without his own Myspace page, Urban Dictionary entry and Wiki.

Ah, I luvs you, internetz...

* Start from the bottom.

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