Saturday, February 21, 2009


... that I'll probably never know the answer to. Starting with this picture:

1) How does this man pee? Is using urinals even an option anymore?

2) How does he poop? Does he need help? Upon sitting, does he completely engulf the toilet seat? How does he wipe his nether regions?

3) How does he even put his clothes on? Can one, with a physique like that, actually reach down to tie one's shoelaces?

4) How does one reach this unfortunate state of being? Is it really just a case of too many calories + too little exercise? Is it an unfortunate accident of genetics? What do people like this actually do for a living?

5) Is it even physically possible for this man to engage in sexual intercourse?

If anyone out there has any answers, do tell, coz I don't think I'm going to be pursuing this line of inquiry any further...

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