Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quick reminder for Malaysians...

... simply because this is something that really, really shouldn't be forgotten, as BN and the local papers would like us to believe. In 2002, there was a murder, a murder most foul. Since then, the culprits were found and, being of sufficiently high rank in the BN government, scapegoats were found, a few well-placed threats were made, key witnesses conveniently vanished and a few pairs of bloodstained hands are walking away scot-free. The story to date, in all it's diabolical detail, on Asia Sentinel*.

* Because Malaysian newspapers evidently don't have the balls to do any real reporting on anything more significant than some cranky old fart's opinion on naming trees. Get a clue, foo', there's no such thing as contempt for an institution as anachronistic as monarchy.

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