Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I luv teh Intertoobz

Like you don't know that already. Right, here's a wee handful of fun bits and bobs I've encountered lately.

This personality test seems way off on enough counts for me not to take it seriously. However, I found the delivery most interesting. Check it out. 10-q to BOng for teh link.

If, like me, you found yourself somewhat affronted by the above test's horrendous misjudgement of your character, here's a better one - the OCEAN test. Facebook has one, too, and it used to diagnose you with the closest fitting psychological disorder based on your results. I was a schizoid. Alas, that feature is gone now, no doubt victim to some legal threat or other...

Understand Malay? Here's an annoying little something I kept finding in the ads on my Facebook:

Here's an essay by George Orwell that's just so full of win I had to share it. 10-q to Rench for bringing it to my attention.

Cats are fun.

And just to balance things out, here's the meanest frickin' cat. Ever.

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