Sunday, March 1, 2009

Religion + Movie critique = Epic fail

Seriously, why is it that with these people, everything under the sun is a Zionist plot?

Harry Potter!? Come ON, he's as Zionist as Yorkshire pudding! Just how messed up in the head do you have to be to think Harry Potter is the messiah. 4:30 - "As you can see, he has the same traits..." WTF?! How many speccy messiahs do you know suffering from teenage angst? What does it take for something NOT to be a Zionist conspiracy?

Now, I know that since the time of Plato, it's been standard procedure in a tyranny to keep the people united by giving them a common enemy but this is just nuts. No, seriously. I am led to doubt this video by the sheer mind-numbing absurdity of it. I haven't seen anything this stupid since the last time I read a Malaysian newspaper. Would somebody who understands Arabic please confirm that those subtitles are correct?

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