Friday, April 10, 2009

Just can't agree with RPK on this one...

It's not often that I find myself in disagreement with RPK. It's even rarer that I find myself in total opposition to one of his articles. Today's the first time in a long, long time. My gripe? I wish he'd stop fucking about mixing religion into his political commentary.

It is nonsensical to judge a politician's conduct based on theology. The kind of people who seek to seize power for themselves most certainly do not have the same take on religion as the sheeple. In the subtle art of government, religion is merely a tool. If you want a populace of stupid, unquestioning sheep, nothing does the job like a good, heavy injection of religion. When you want to get the masses to do something and hide your true motives, play the religion card, and the faithful will do what they do best, believe and follow blindly. Deus vult and all that.

That article is like trying to fix a broken down car by painting it a different colour. It addresses none of the important issues, and in fact makes things worse by diverting attention away from them and getting the particularly verbose breed of idiot to stop and point and bray like donkeys in heat to offer their unbelievably inane commentary. Here's a sample:

"As humans we are all prone to sin. When humans are GOD fearing they will try not to sin or repent when a sin has been committed. GODless people sin & continue sinning because they don't believe there is a GOD or that anything will happen to them despite all the sinning. SATAN the antiGOD is very happy with this group of people because they all will belong to him."

Well done, indeed. Your pastor must be very proud of you. Moron. Here's another lovely product of the Malaysian education system:

"Being a christian does'nt mean being a wimp and got walk all over, it means doing the right thing according to God's teaching. Obtaining forgiveness for christians is conditional to repentance. This is possible because by God's grace we are saved, through Jesus deadth on the cross, which is a Gift, it has been given to us Free, but, the key word is repentance."

And another:

"It's not the God choose the caliph for Malaysian, it's devils with Double Keris choice! We should never expect any sweet from this representative of devil.

If Anwar Ibrahim be the PM, then I will say it's the God choice. Why? Have u heard Najib talk about Rakyat's difficult? He just ask the Rakyat don't talk about Altantuya and let him be the PM first!"

You'd think the kind of people who comment on a website offering political commentary would be familiar with the concept of proofreading. Anyway, I'm done venting for now.

Frankly, I think RPK can do a lot better than waste time and effort on such theistic silliness. I'm disappointed by this article, and nauseated by the quality of comments.

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