Friday, May 29, 2009

The Tottenham Ayatollah's daughter

Those who have read any significant portion of this blog will know that I do love a good laugh at the expense of religion. Alas, for the most part, it is a bitter laughter, the kind that blurts forth when you see the cancerous tumour in your head has formed an amusing shape. This is because there is really no quick cure for religion at the level of society as a whole, such is the seductive power of mass, organized stupidity. So one laughs, and draws what little pleasure one can from the screeching, howling, gibbering abyss that religion has plunged so many otherwise sane people into.

Take this asshole. An embodiment of intolerance, an avatar of blind, foaming, raging hatred, one of the ugliest faces of modern Islam, it's hard to see how one can derive any form of laughter from his existence. Now take his daugher:

Hell, I just have to laugh at the fact that Omar Bakri Mohammed is the reason for the kinkiest picture ever to grace this blog. Apparently she's a pole dancer. And daddy paid for those kahunas. More details here, and never to be outdone in the publicization of the tasteless and sordid, New of the World has tales of her sex life.

Ah, sweet irony...

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Rambling Alcoholic said...

i wonder if he will issue a fatwah against his own daughter. =P