Friday, July 31, 2009

Remind me, why do Malaysians pay taxes?

From a poll for the week ending 28 July 2009 on the news portal of M'sia's Ministry of the Interior, translated by yours truly*:

*Translation starts*
In Malaysia's current landscape, do you feel:
Safe? - 1%
Unsafe? - 97%
Not sure - 2%

News reports on criminal activity - 36%
You/Someone related to you has been a victim of crime - 63%
Not sure - 1%

What is the level of safety of the Malaysian people**?
Assured - 3%
Not assured - 95%
Not sure - 2%

The government has taken all measures necessary to ensure the safety of the Malaysian people.
Agree - 2%
Disagree - 94%
Not sure - 4%

Crime is a global phenomenon and not a serious issue unique to Malaysia.
Agree - 18%
Disagree - 78%
Not sure - 4%

*Translation ends*

Naturally, these abyssmally dire results will be roundly ignored by said Ministry, for reasons all too familiar to the jaded Malaysians who, like myself, have long since given up on local newspapers...

* And therefore would be very grateful to anyone who can help me pick out any errors in my translation.

** I'm not sure what's the point of this question, seeing that it's nigh identical to the first. Just translating what I see here.

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