Thursday, May 29, 2008

In other news...

... here's a little something a Facebook friend posted:

Long story short, the most powerful method for combating stress is sex. Not cuddling, not a peck on the cheek, not massage, not encouraging words, just good, honest, penetrative fucking. So says Stuart Brody, of the University of Paisley.

So yeah, to all my acquaintances who are still keeping up that ridiculous prudish facade, live a little. It's good for you. Just be sensible about it and kindly refrain from making unwanted babies. Dead baby jokes are funny* until they happen to you.

On a completely different note, here's a story about a hatemongering psycho bitch who's trying to convince people to collect on their 72 virgins. Or 42. Whatever. The point is, she's not alone in this. We all know that the scope of scripture is sufficiently large to justify absolutely any sort of behaviour you can think of, and this woman is riding on the back of the religious meme virus to get impressionable young idiots to blow themselves up.

I find it odd that even my moderate religious acquaintances are willing to ignore the negative baggage that comes with the religious meme virus, things such as:

- Faith without question. Fundies somehow manage to consider this a virtue. They seem blissfully unaware that this spawns hypocrisy and ignorance that leave even small children scratching their inquisitive little heads.
- In group mentality. You're either one of Us or you're one of Them. Scripture is very big on dehumanizing non-believers, and dehumanization is the foundation of genocide.

Put together, these 2 traits of the religious meme mean you have a large number of easily controlled peons to do the bidding of whoever's loud enough to be in charge. Pathetic, isn't it? Of course, moderates are veeery quick to point out that not all adherents to some invisible man or other are like that. But that's not the point. The point is that religion as a whole has provided a framework in society in which the uneducated, the ill-informed or the downright delusional** are allowed to attain positions of power and/or influence, far too often to the detriment of humanity as a whole. Gott mit uns? Deus vult? Allahu akbar? Thanks, but no, thanks, I think.

I seem to have drifted somewhat. I was pretty sure when I started this post, I intended to end on a positive note, so here's a bunch of wascally wabbits killing themselves in amusing ways. Hmm...

* You know they are. I concede that they're perverse, disgusting and total violations of basic human decency, but there's just something about them.

** Warning to the sane: These 3 links may cause undue stress and increase in blood pressure. Please view with caution.

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Juliette said...

Just to point out a few things...
I do not deny that religion has its problems and I agree about the "group mentality" problem that you have raised. However, this is more related to someone (or group of people) abusing other people's naivety (or stupidity) to accomplish their own selfish goals.
For example, Hitler managed to convince the German people to follow him, exterminate the Jews and take over Europe. That's not that much different to Osama Bin Ladin instructing Al Quaeda to go on a kamikaze mission to destroy the Twin Towers. In both cases you have got 1)a leader who knows how to reach a target people and convince them to follow his ways and 2)a rallying cause for the people.

I do agree that unfortunately there are far more examples when religion has been used as the rallying cause, probably because it can arouse a lot of passion amongst people. But what I am trying to say is that the problem lies more within human nature, had religion not existed I am sure there would be other ways where group mentality would surface.

Now about faith... Faith without question where you gobble up everything that is chucked at you in the name of religion is wrong. I know a lot of people are like that and that is one aspect of religion that I do not approve. However, faith about the existence of a superior being without empirical proof because after you listen to all of what science has got to say you find that life is still unexplained and a miracle in itself... well, that I'd like to think is educated faith and yes, I do consider it to be a virtue.