Friday, May 16, 2008

Somebody I wish I'd heard about sooner

Ok, ok, I know this is meant to the meme primer but stick with me, this is good shit...

I've been trawling RDF a LOT lately and it led to 2 absolute gems in Youtube:

I might as well mention that I came across these after hours and hours of sifting through debates involving fundies and I must confess, I'm not very experienced in the art of debate, hence I found myself struggling to catch up with the hyperactive changes in semantic frameworks. Reading again revealed quite simply that at the heart of it, the fundies have nothing but faith.

It strikes me as especially odd when they try to debunk evolution, yet they don't actually understand simple natural selection. How did they manage to miss that? Where on earth did they learn about evolution? The Kent Hovind Institute for the Christian Understanding of Science?

In any case, the last big discussion I looked at had a cluster of fundies admitting to:

1) Everything created in 6 days.
2) Earth is 6 to 10 thousand years old.
3) Homosexuals deserve the death penalty.

Seriously, as an atheist, I try to think of everybody as human before all else, but these people really don't make it easy.

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