Saturday, May 3, 2008

Master Chief? Is that you?

I've been hearing a lot about Iron Man lately, and I'm itching to watch it. Took a peep at and found a heap of really cool articles on whether or not Stark's armour is feasible. This led me to this really cute video:

I thought the clock on his nadgers was a nice touch. I didn't dig very deep, and thus didn't stumble on any vids of the Trojan on the happy end of live fire tests. Judging by what was going on with the baseball bats at the end, I've a feeling bullets might not be much of an issue with this thing.

The creator, Troy Hurtubise, started out by attempting to develop a bear-proof suit - Project Grizzly. He then goes on to test it by putting it on and subjecting himself to all manner of physical abuse that really leave you wondering how he can still walk. You can find more on him on Wiki.

I don't know about you, but I'd really like this guy to have a chat with the people at Cyberdyne...

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