Thursday, May 1, 2008

ZOMG I wanna be a mecha!

Just found the coolest thing ever! Trust the Japs to not only figure out how to build an exoskeleton, but make it look cool. As fate would have it, the company building these things is called Cyberdyne, Inc. Yeah, Cyberdyne. Skynet and T1000 and scary Austrian cyborgs. Don't ask me how they didn't get sued for that... The pic is of their currently available exoskeleton, HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) Fun facts from the website:

- Currently used to augment the strength of those suffering from weakened muscles or spinal injury.

- Multiplies the strength of the wearer by about 2 to 10 times. No, you don't feel it's weight (about 23kg). It supports itself.

- Runs for approximately 2 hours 40 mins before it needs recharging.

- Available in Japan only. :-(

Yoshiyuki Sankai, you're my hero!

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