Monday, December 22, 2008

Fire extinguishers and their uses: A guide to Korean politics

Trawling the net as long as I have, one of the great things I find about the net is that there's always, always another "Seriously, wtf???" moment lurking around the next link. Here's one.

Long story short, the ruling party was meeting to ratify a FTA between South Korea and the US. The opposition wasn't invited, and the ruling party* barricaded themselves in the meeting room. So, about a dozen or so opposition lawmakers decided to invite themselves, with the aid of sledgehammers and crowbars. Alas for the underdogs, though they eventually tore down the door, they didn't manage to get into the meeting and stop the FTA, thanks to a further barricade of heavy furniture.

Somehow, I doubt that, even if they did get in, the opposition lawmakers would be interested in sitting quietly at the meeting table to rationally discuss the pros and cons of said FTA.

* The "Grand National Party". How pompous can you get?

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