Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh, lookit! Doublethink!

How intellectually dishonest does one have to be to work in Malaysia's "most widely read English daily"? Well, now we know. From the Star's website today:

Hurry and you should still be able to see it. And yes, that is the same Zaid who made that very brave speech mentioned earlier on this blog, and indeed many other blogs. And that's why these days, the U in UMNO stands for 'useless'. Seriously, how do these people live with themselves?

Check out the two articles, and you'll find that neither makes reference to the other. And of course, there'll be the obligatory statement from the PM, who still maintains an unbroken record of not saying a single word he went back on less than 3 months later or which isn't an utterly worthless platitude that's blindingly obvious to anyone with a primary education.

Still hoping that China, or better yet, Singapore will kindly invade Malaysia...

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Rambling Alcoholic said...

PM was quoted in both statements. Goes to show he is only a mouth-piece without a brain?

Oh, and about the S subjugating M comment? Don't think it will ever happen. We'd rather reclaim land using our trash. Which says a lot.