Monday, December 29, 2008

New depths for the Star and the Malaysian public

I don't know about you, but I find it more than a bit telling of the quality of the Star's reporting and the moral fibre of its readership when the 'Most viewed' list looks like this:

In this one glance we see the gullibility, barbarism, prudishness and pettiness of the Malaysian public. "Party without undies planned"??? THIS is what passes for news?! We're next to THAILAND, for fuck's sake! By the way, that "Bush is 'booted' out" article is indeed regarding the incident mentioned in an earlier post, 2 WEEKS AGO. And the astrologer is from no less illustrious an insitution than the "Geocosmic Centre of Yijing Meta-Science Research Malaysia". Right... I believe you mean PSEUDO-Science, you shameless bastards. "Geocosmic", my eye...

By the way, Feng Shui master Lee Cheng Hoe says:

"Meanwhile, people can place water features at the south-west corner of their homes with the water flowing towards the inside to help counter negative energy."

Hope you're proud of yourselves. I'm-a going to peep at a real newspaper's website before this drivel induces projectile vomit.

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