Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yay! Good news for a change!

I was rather chuffed to see the front page of today's Star (the print version) adorned with pics of Governor* Bush getting shoes chucked at him by an Iraqi journalist. Big props to Muntader al-Zaidi, caster of shoes, for his courage in giving that inarticulate hick what's been coming for quite a while now. My only complaint is that neither of the shoes hit Bush. Apparently, $10 million has been offered for those shoes! I wonder if this is going to start a fad...

Anyway, it wasn't long before the creative souls at B3ta got to work:

On a completely unrelated noted, I peeped at this Comedy Goldmine from Something Awful and figured the teachers who read this blog (both of you) might appreciate it.

* Yes, Governor, because that's the last post he held legally.

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daemun said...

as much as i dislike bush, i have to give him props on his obviously elite dodgeball skills.