Monday, June 2, 2008

All is not lost!

I asked on RDF yesterday how former fundies found reason, and it wasn't long before I was pointed to this link. Yea, and verily my heart, the cold lump of igneous rock that it is, was warmed greatly by what I saw there: One convert after the other, giving their testimonials on how they left delusion and found Reason.

I have to say, 2 things in particular stood out:

1) The large number of former fundies who said they had turned as a direct result of the God Delusion. This is very interesting to me. I was somewhat agnostic when I first read that book, and even now I have to say, Dawkins' lays into religion without mercy or remorse, with a ferocity in very stark contrast to the mild-mannered biologist I remember from the Royal Institution Christmas Lecture. And so I had not expected Dawkins' book to have much effect on fundies. In my experience, and no doubt the experience of others who have tried to have a conversation with fundies, fundies are very quick indeed to retreat into "lalalaIcan'thearyoulalala" mode. So the fact that God Delusion got through even to some fundies came as a very welcome surprise indeed.

2) The presence of Muslim apostates. This strikes me as especially brave, given how Islam comes down particularly heavily on apostates. So hats off and props and good luck to them.

So that's my wonderfully, fantastically goode news for the day. I'm going to be visiting that site a lot when the fundies get me down. :-D

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