Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cheng very bad man

A mildly diabolical thought just hit me today...

Snatch thefts are something of a problem in Kuala Lumpur, hell, in most urban areas of Malaysia today, so I was thinking... What if a sufficiently resourceful lass were to construct a small remote-controlled bomb and place it in a decoy handbag? Nothing too apocalyptic, mind you, just something with perhaps enough shebang to tear off a limb or two.

Doesn't even have to be a bomb, really, just some sort of potentially lethal trap waiting for some git to try and grab it. Spikes, blades, tazers, toxic gas, acid, whatever, just something to make whoever snatches it really, really regret it for the rest of his drastically shortened life.

What would be the legal implications of something like this? Just think - a guy snatches a bag, the "victim" heaves a sigh, presses a button and suddenly the snatch thief is no longer anybody's problem except maybe a street cleaner with a mop. Is this self-defense on the part of the victim? I mean, assuming there were some way for the victim to legally carry the Handbag of Doom around the place?

Ooh, I wish a lawyer would read this and enlighten me...

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Rambling Alcoholic said...

not a lawyer, but definitely illegal. its an issue of using reasonable force in retaliation no?

however, if it is remote controlled activation, the question is, can they trace the device to you beyond reasonable doubt?