Monday, June 16, 2008

Stuff I like 02

More fun from the net, well, from Youtube, anyway:

The next stage of human evolution has arisen in the realm of Tetris. I was absolutely convinced of that somewhere around 5:15. I mean, there's good, there's amazing, and then there's guys like this who just defy all description:

I love cats. This isn't to say I'm completely anti-dog, I just favour cats by a long shot. I love how they're way, way too aloof to do "fetch". I'm also a big fan of Dilbert, having encountered many incarnations of the Pointy-Haired Boss, Wally, Alice, the accounting trolls, and Catbert during my stint in white-collar land. So I was well chuffed to find this video:

Lastly, I noted with some interest that Japan is watching it's weight. Seemed a bit odd to me; I've never heard of a Japanese hambeast outside of a sumo ring! And if their gameshows are anything to go by, the average Jap is actually really energetic. So I'd like to show you one little upshot to being a hambeast from Family Guy:

Until next time, please remember, this is entertainment, not inspiration for how to traumatise your babies...

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