Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good luck, Mr President

Ding, dong, the witch is dead! Well, not so much a witch as a delusional, ignorant, God-bothering bimbo. And, unfortunately, not dead, either. But, a victory for common sense is worth celebrating and, despite the fact that Republicans managed to garner any votes at all this time round, it's good to have some apparently sane people in the White House. Or at least more presentable anyway. I wish Martin Luther King Jr was alive to see this day.

So, the easy part's done, that is, getting the US population to choose between Obama and McCain. It would have been a much tougher choice had McCain chosen somebody sane for a running mate, but no, McCain, in his ineffable wisdom, made the choice easy and let himself be weighed down by that silly woman, essentially rolling out the red carpet to the White House for the Obamas, who are quite likely the going to make for the sexiest first couple in US history.So now what?

Seriously, I find it quite incredible that anyone has the stones to actually want to be president, given that they've now got to clean up 8 years worth of ham-fisted Bush warmongering. It's like coming home to find that the cat had not only shat on the carpet, but playfully decided to push it into the Hifi, through the antiques, across the keyboard and under the couch, with a separate piece behind the heater, for good measure*. Between Iraq, Afghanistan, the economy and the near-total loss of any sort of positive reputation in the international community, Obama has his hands very, very full, indeed. Bush managed to fuck things up on a scale that would have been beyond imagining had he not made it a reality. On the upside, I suppose cleaning up such a mess would make Obama look very, very good, indeed.

Will Obama save the USA and make it cool again? Stay tuned, keep your fingers crossed, touch wood, rub your lucky rabbit's foot but whatever you do, don't hold your breath.

* Thankfully, Haruka has not done this to me. Yet. I may have to break her neck if she does.

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