Monday, November 17, 2008

ZOMG educated women! Quick! Kill them!!

... or so the Taliban think. This article came to my attention from Something Awful's thing on development economics, a field which these days seems more and more like an oxymoron. It reminded me that I'd read the Bookseller of Kabul about a year ago, a book that truly left me agog with the atrocities perpetrated by the Taliban, an organization that seems to be built entirely around hatred, anger, ignorance and religious dogmatism (with the accompanying hypocrisy).

And of course, a thinking man is then left to wonder, what manner of diabolical circumstances need come together in order that an organization so utterly loathsome as the Taliban be allowed to attain the power to run Afghanistan? Please refer to Chomsky. Hegemony or Survival is a good place to start.

I'm all for cultural diversity and everything, but I think it's high time a lot of us took an honest look at the world around us and just admitted that there are such things as cultures this world could do without. Tolerance is a worthy ideal, but that's all it is - an ideal. Reality demands that a line be drawn and a stand be taken against the exclusivism and glorification of ignorance espoused by the Abrahamic religions.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but theirs is the kind of thinking that holds us back as a species, and must be wiped out. Sound a bit harsh? I think acid in the faces of innocent schoolgirls warrants such a reaction, don't you?

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