Monday, November 3, 2008

Hall of Shame: M'sia's National Fatwa Council

I could probably write many books, detailing the absurdities commited in the name of paedophile worship in this unjust, uncivilized travesty of a nation that I happen to live in. But, I don't want to die just yet, so I'll point out just this one.

The National Fatwa Council are a gaggle of "religious scholars"* whose job is to tell you what you can't do based on religious grounds. Latest in their pathetic, flailing attempts to justify their existence: A ruling that tomboys are haram. I don't know about you, but seeing that article, I really wish someone like, say, Pink would come along and send them to see their virgins with a blunt, heavy object. "Social ills confronting Muslims", indeed... Wake UP, you ignorant bastards! YOU are the social ill!

If you can stomach reading the blatantly biased rags that pass for English-language newspapers in Malaysia, stay tuned for the NFC's decision regarding yoga.

On a related note, I wish good luck to the delicious Inul Daratista, and hats off to her for her efforts in battling the stuffy rulings of beardy old men who are afraid of an erection.

*Oxymoron alert!

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