Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2 marks and a bitchslap

That's what I'd recommend, having read this. Long story short, there's a big fuss being kicked up in the UK over a chief examiner awarding marks to a student who answered a GCSE English paper with "fuck off".

On the one hand, I totally see where Buckroyd (the examiner) is coming from. While not really addressing the question*, the little troglodyte did at least manage to convey a meaning and spell it out correctly. That's gotta be worth something, right? To have given a zero would suggest that "fuck off" has no meaning whatsoever in the English language, and like it or not, it does!

But on the other hand... there's no way that cheeky little sod should be allowed to get away with that. Someone deserves such a smack...

That having been said, I really wonder what he'd have gotten if he answered with, say:

"A big fucking room, on a small fucking chair, with a bunch of fucking losers hunched over some fucking paper."

* "Describe the room you are in."

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