Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bursting a bubble

This article turned up in the Star today, following another just like it yesterday. Now, ignoring the fact that repeating the same damn story twice in as many days suggests a painful intellectual bankruptcy in the Star's content, the whole story is pretty much summed up in the opening line:

"The recent call by the government for its departments and agencies to reduce the number of events at hotels has hit the hotel industry badly."

To which I have to say: GOOD.

It's a travesty for a nation's hotel industry's revenue to materially comprise of income from it's own government. And, really, the Malaysian ego is in dire need of a damn good kick in the teeth! Malaysia Boleh, indeed! Visit Malaysia, my eye! What does it say about the nation when taxpayer money is spent sending government officials to our own hotels in such numbers that said hotels are dependent on the government for their income? These hotels are parasites! Let them sink like stones, I say! What they need is a good righteous dose of social Darwinism to cull the herd and leave behind the ones that can actually attract real tourists.

On a similar note, another article a couple of days ago revealed the results of the National Brand Index by Anholt-Gfk. Apparently, out of 40 countries in the Index, Malaysia came 35th. Just ahead of the likes of Israel and Iran. So it's official. Even the rest of the world thinks Malaysia is a dump. Meanwhile, the local papers (which are ALL owned by the government) continue to spout meaningless platitudes and fill their pages with the incredible amounts of dicking around by the so-called people in power.

There's no other word for it! These people were elected to run the country and here they are, happily buttfucking whomever they please, accusing each other of buttfucking and when they're not busy literally buttfucking, they're anally raping the nation with their "affirmative action", nepotism, racism, religious dogmatism, sensationalism, coercion and plain old flat-out lies. So if that's not dicking around, I'm not sure what is.

This reminds me of that old "Chinese" curse: May you live in interesting times...

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