Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cultural Revolution required...

Not a big, crazy Mao-era obliterate-your-cultural-identity one, mind you. Just a small one, targeted to cut out the cancer of superstitious bullshit from society. Starting with facepalmingly dumb shit like this. As always, out of the goodness of my heart, I summarise:

Chee Yu Quan and Cheah Beng Eng just got married. Chee expired as an infant 50 years ago. Cheah died of kidney failure, aged 16, about 31 years ago. A medium came along and told Cheah's mum, Ong Kim Luan, that the couple met 2 years ago in the afterlife and expressed a wish to get married. Ong agreed, and the ceremony was carried out with all the pomp and splendour of the traditional Chinese wedding, with bride and groom represented by paper effigies.

Note: Righteous anger, drifting into Rantland, follows.

Well done, oh very well done, indeed, Mdm Ong. You forked out how much, to get a pair of puppets married? Just HOW fucking stupid are you?

“She couldn’t pass over and reincarnate as it was her wish to be married. I hope she can be born into a good family and be a healthy and happy person in her next life,” she said.

She is DEAD. Get the fuck over it. Honestly, I haven't seen such a blatant case of denial since Michael Palin in the Dead Parrot Sketch.

But take a closer look. Ong isn't the only sucker here. The wedding was attended by friends and family, i.e. a sizable number of other retards who agreed to go along with said medium's bullshit, with nary a word of protest. Great. Wonderful. You people rank right up there with those other fools who spend their money on pieces of the One True Cross or those hypocrites who think putting a "Haji" in their names makes them any more virtuous or those JW kids who die after refusing a blood transfusion because it's "against God's Will". Suckers. Suckers to a man, and all because they didn't have the brains or the stones to question the goddamn medium. Because they've all got it into their credulous little skulls that there's such a thing as sacred.

Well, I suppose there are blasphemies in this world, like drinking ice-cold red wine, running Windows on a Mac, BLT sandwiches using turkey bacon, non-Japanese voice actors in anime and the entire Hong Kong soap opera industry*. Questioning a medium is not. Am I the only person in this damned country who reads Skeptical Inquirer?

She also said her daughter liked to look good and had requested for new undergarments, cheongsams, shoes, jewelleries and handbags.

“She asked for all these things through the medium and we did our best to give her everything,” she said.

Go on and tell me that doesn't sound the least bit suspicious at all.

Oh, and if you didn't read the article, I should point out that, in a display of typical Malaysian journalism, the reporter didn't question said medium either. I really wonder if the editor's too damn stupid to realise his paper's tumbling down the path to Cheap Tabloidland...

Ong Kim Luan: You are a 24-carat Idiot. And that so-called medium deserves every penny he managed to scrounge off your gullible arse.

Seeing Reason give way to Superstition always pisses me off something fierce. I'm-a go read something happy now and try to stay the hell away from the Star for the next few days...

* I note with great disappointment after writing this that ALL these blasphemies are commonplace in Malaysia.

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