Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hall of Shame: More tales of Malaysian Police

Verily, there is a cancer in this nation when a cop can:

a) beat a woman over the head with a revolver in a fit of road rage; and

b) force a schoolgirl to give him a blowjob.

The first is self-explanatory. The short version of the 2nd is that schoolgirl and boyfriend got done coz he was riding a motorcycle sans license. They were arrested, locked up and that was that.

I don't know, I think I've been in this country too long. I mean, in relatively civilized nations, say Britain, France, Sweden, Singapore, etc, is it normal for the standard bribe to be common knowledge? Around here it's about MYR30*. MYR50 if you can't be bothered to haggle, FOC if you look like you know something about law, though sometimes you can go with insisting on the speeding ticket and there's perhaps a 50/50 chance that he'll let you off with a warning, coz he simply can't be bothered to give you the ticket. Is it really the status quo in a 1st World nation that only the naive or the desperate turn to the police for help?

This isn't to say that they don't have their moments. Every few months or so they manage a drug bust or some such, but come on! Those 2 articles and the one I pointed out earlier are the tip of the iceberg! I'd be tempted to start a separate blog chronicling the antics of M'sian police if it weren't so damn depressing...

* A little under USD10.

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