Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yan, tan, tethera!

Quick interlude before I continue my tirade against theistic delusion.

I've had a soft spot for Scottish culture for quite a while, probably since the time I'd sent hundreds of Highland Lemmings to their dooms to the tune of Scotland the Brave and the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond*. The charms of Scotland were further impressed upon me by my first, quite bewildering, viewing of Trainspotting (had to watch twice, coz I dinnae understand it the first time) and the discovery of haggis, which, I hear, is one of very, very few things on Earth which can match a Chinese sausage for sheer ming, though I understand that, like a Chinese sausage, it's quite tasty.

Oddly enough, though I'd known the tune of Scotland the Brave for many years now, I'd never even known it was called that until yesterday, when I was browsing Wiki on Terry Pratchett. Stumbled on the Feegles*, then the popular Feegle phrases, then "Feegles wha hae!", then "Scots wha hae!" and on to Scotland the Brave and its variants, notably the Corrie version:

I just lol'd at this verse:

Land o' the kilt and sporran,
Underneath there's nothin' worn,
How I wish the wind was warm, Scotland the Brave!
I must admit it's pretty gruesome,
Walkin' about wi' your frozen twosome,
It's we've got - we mustn't lose 'em, Scotland the Brave!

* Which I only just realised, after looking at the lyrics yesterday, is a really, really sad song! :'(

** If you haven't read any of the Feegle books, particularly the Wee Free Men, you must do so. Now. Be warned that you may find yourself temporarily afflicted with Scottish Tourrette's afterwards.

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